Frequently Asked Questions

Still wondering about partnering with us? Find answers below to some of the most frequently asked questions about becoming an eFuneral partner. If you don’t find the information you need, don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • As a funeral services provider, what’s in it for me?

    You can expect a new brand of consumer, one who is willing to window shop before making a final purchase. eFuneral takes the brand you worked hard to build and extends it to this new audience. Your customers gain 24/7 access and the ability to make an often-challenging decision from the comfort of their own home.

    So far, we have seen a 15% increase from in branch sales, as well as a younger average purchaser. Companies have made online shopping and purchasing second nature, we leverage that to bring the service you are famous for online. 

    What else? 

    • Leverage the same technology to complete transactions in-store. 
    • Available for your customers whenever they’re ready. 
    • Showcases all your offerings, allowing customers to consider full range of options despite preconceived notions. 
    • Improve office efficiency with paperwork done automatically and electronically.  
    • Close sales without taking time to schedule and attend arrangement meetings. 
    • Capture interested leads who don’t complete a transaction.  
    • Grow preneed business and earn commission without having to make a hard sell.  
    • Connect with customers who aren’t comfortable coming into a funeral home. 
    • Gain more calls and meetings from customers who see published offerings and prices online. 
  • What type of firm is a good fit for eFuneral?

    Every funeral home could benefit from using eFuneral, but some will perceive higher value and satisfaction with the service than others. Cremation operations and firms that do not have a licensed agent are among those that will see the greatest benefit.  

  • What is eFuneral?

    The eFuneral digital storefront is now available to funeral homes across the country, giving them access to a new type of consumer, one that may not feel comfortable walking into a funeral home in response to traditional preneed marketing.   

    The platform guides consumers through the planning process, empowering them to view,  select and purchase their funeral plans online. The goods and services match the funeral home’s in-store offerings, and all funeral plans are funded with a Homesteaders life insurance policy. 

    The eFuneral onboarding process is simple and quick, with a one-time setup fee and flexible monthly subscription plans to match a funeral home’s commission, bonus and product preferences.  

    Additional details about eFuneral’s services can be found in the FAQs below. If you have further questions, please contact

  • What types of funerals can be planned (immediate, imminent or future)?

    eFuneral works with the funeral home to match the way they serve their customers. The software is capable of any offering the funeral home wants. Our goal is to help you provide your customers with an easy to use way of paying for their funeral. 

    For immediate need eFuneral will pass the funds directly to the funeral home along with the all of the services and merchandise selected by the customer. For those who want to plan in advance, we take care of the needed paperwork and submit the application to Homesteaders Life Company, our preneed partner, to get the insurance policy/annuity issued. 

  • Does it cost anything to partner with eFuneral?

    There is a one-time setup fee to start using eFuneral. After the initial onboarding, eFuneral offers several subscription-based pricing models – including a cost-free option – so firms can select the product and commission/bonus structure that best meets their needs. Learn which option is best for your business. 

  • How do I connect a firm with eFuneral?

    If a firm is ready to get started with eFuneral, identify a point person to facilitate the onboarding and submit his/her contact information through our form. An eFuneral Sales Representative will follow up to obtain the firm’s logo, GPL and casket price list, or you can email that same information to

  • Is there a different pricing model for firms with more than one location?

    Yes. Firms with more than one location may qualify for enterprise pricing when using eFuneral’s services at their branch locations. We offer different service tiers and pricing models for firms with multiple locations. 

  • Can eFuneral take the place of an on-staff preneed counselor?

    No. eFuneral is designed to amplify the efforts of an on-staff preneed counselor, not replace them. While firms without a licensed agent will benefit from eFuneral’s unlicensed entity service option, they will still need a staff member in place to follow up on leads generated through the site.

  • Does eFuneral help firms comply with the FTC Funeral Rule?

    eFuneral’s services are compliant with all current state and federal regulation, including the FTC Funeral Rule. While their site and its contents are compliant, use of eFuneral should not be used as a replacement for compliance in the funeral home. 

  • What is the commission and bonus structure on eFuneral?

    eFuneral offers several subscription-based service tiers that provide different commission and bonus structures. Commissions and bonuses vary based on service tiers and pricing levels. In addition to the base commission of the product, eFuneral will also pay you an additional percent of face amount for sales that you generate. This commission varies based on the age of the customer, but in general amounts to 5% of the face amount.